Candles by Kathy

Kathy has started these domain and after 6 years she made a decision to leave the candle-making business in 2011.  She has taken Debbie White and Tanya Williams under her wing and taught them everything she knows.  They have made a concerted effort to follow Kathy’s recipes to ensure the same high-quality candles with the long-lasting fragrance that Candles By Kathy is renowned for.

They hoped that you continue to trust them with candle orders, as you have trusted Kathy over the years.  Debbie White and Tanya Williams where a mother-daughter duo that has loved burning Candles By Kathy candles for years.  Tanya even sold Candles By Kathy candles for a few years.  When Kathy was experiencing some life events, she approached us and asked if we were interested in continuing the Candles By Kathy tradition. They were honored by the offer and jumped at this wonderful opportunity.

So they only used the highest quality of wax available then add our own special additives to ensure clean, long burning candles. There candles were all triple scented with the best scent on the market made especially for them. They used only cotton wicks to ensure a safe burning candle. There candles burn slow, clean, and are scented throughout the life of the candle. Now, the Shop is closed. Thank for supporting us! The Domain has changed the owner now.